People from all around the world study Japanese at IEC Osaka. All IEC teachers are trained and qualified to teach Japanese. Students are welcome to enroll and begin studying at any time in one of IEC's beginners level or intermediate level courses. Come and learn to speak, read and write Japanese at the friendliest school in Osaka.
  • Private Lessons
    When: Duration: Price:
    You choose a time.
    1 x a week.
    4 x Lessons each month.
    90 Minutes 1 month 18,000 JPY
    Get the personal attention you need with a one on one lesson. Choose your own study materials and a time that is convenient for you!
  • Group Lessons
    When: Duration: Price:
    2 x a week
    8 x lessons per month
    2 Hours
    1 month 22,000 JPY
    Group lessons contain a max of 6 people.
  • Class Lessons
    When: Duration: Price:
    Mon - Fri
    Morning Class
    9:00am-12:30pm 1 month 38,000 JPY
    Mon - Fri
    Afternoon Class
    1:00pm-4:30pm 3 months 79,800 JPY
    Aprox 20 days per Month *Excludes Public Holidays. Each day consists of 4 x 45 minutes sessions and break times. 6 months 136,800 JPY
    IEC Classes are a very popular and are a great way to learn Japanese in Osaka. The curriculum in the class is well balanced, with use of a text book, conversation and discussion as well as sentence practice. Meet people from all around the world and have a great time while you study Japanese and learn about Japanese culture. Definitely the best value Japanese course in Osaka.

  • *registration fee for the International Exchange Center is a one time payment of 10,000 JPY.
  • Text Books
  • Ueda Sensei
    Fukuda Sensei
    Morikawa Sensei
    Matsui Sensei
  • Students