Training Courses for Japanese Teaching Eligibility:
The International Exchange Center offer training courses that train you to become a teacher. The course is for people who would like to gain teaching eligibility and teach Japanese at schools. We have a very practical training course based on the standard teaching curriculum for training Japanese language teachers as outlined by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Students can practice their teaching method in accordance with their own study plan at a school associated with the International Exchange Center. It is a great advantage for students to be able to receive instruction from well experienced teachers who are actually teaching Japanese.

Consultation in Establishing Japanese Language Schools:
We support the preparation of necessary legal documents to set up a new school and clearing legal procedures.
The international Exchange Center can also give advice on school management. We will show how to handle student recruitment and school admission procedures, class administration and post-graduate advice which includes assistance in finding jobs. Assistance for applications and legal procedures regarding immigration offices and other related government offices is also provided.

Teacher Training