Interpreter / Translator Services:
The International Exchange Center provide interpretation and translation services. Please call us when you need interpreters for conferences, business meetings, interviews, business trips and technical training. We can also translate pamphlets, brochures, and reports. Our highly experienced staff members will assist you courteously. Languages Include English, Chinese, Korean, Italian German, French, Indonesian, Vietnamese Arabic, Malaysian and Thai.

Student Counseling:
We provide counseling in your own language if you are having problems with daily life in Japan. Students who are away from home that have language handicaps tend to suffer from mental anxiety through academic and daily life. Unfortunately, most schools are too busy to find the time to counsel them. We have staff members who are capable to communicate in your own language who are able to assist you and help ease your problems.

Admissions to Overseas Schools:
We support students who want to go abroad to study; including study in China and Korea. Our service will extend to finding schools accomodation with native families. We are able to assist with all the necessary procedures to enter Elementary School, High School, College and University in China in cities such as Shanghai, Peking and most other major cities. Our services in Korea cover sightseeing and study tours at Seoul, Pusan, and even assistance to get permanent residency. We can also give counseling to foreign students in Japan to find schools and housing.

Training and Technical Visit Students:

Trainee students from foreign countries according with Japanese Immigration law are permitted to enter Japan to learn technical knowledge and skills at public or private organizations or companies. They are categorized into two groups, on-the-job trainees and in-house trainees. After completion of the designated programs and comprehension tests they can shift up to vocational skills training. This program is designed for foreign students to learn Japanese engineering/industrial techniques, vocational skills and knowledge for a full year so that they may contribute to the development of their countries.

There are many advantages that can be gained from accepting students. Accepting excellent Asian students who are ambitious with strong desire to master Japanese vocational knowledge and skills, the company can participate in the development of local and international society. Moreover it is possible to produce a more energetic working atmosphere, improved productivity and enlightenment of employees through international exchange. It is highly advantageous for companies to participate in this program. We are capable to assist any business establishment planning to reorganize itself to an international management system or setting up a new branch office and/or factory overseas.